Be Prepared For New Adventure!

Welcome to 1st Drysdale Scouts – the home of Scouting in Drysdale ,Curlewis and Clifton Springs, Victoria.


At 1st Drysdale, our aim is to prepare youth for their greatest adventure – life. We do that through a wide range of fun, adventurous and educational programs.

Whether they’re playing games, camping, rock climbing or learning about everything from airplanes to making a swing bridge, Scouting gives your children hands on experience that can help them through their entire lives.


1st Drysdale Scouts offers programs for Joeys (5 at school-8) Cubs (8 -11 years) and Scouts (11 – 15 years). Scouts then have the opportunity to advance to the District Venturer unit and then onto to one of a number of Rover Crews in the Geelong region.


Parents are critical to the success of Scouting and help in many different ways. Some become Joey, Cub or Scout leaders. Some share their knowledge with the children at Scout meetings. And some help out at fundraising events or on our committee. In return, Scouting can potentially provide training (including Cert III and Cert IV), some great annual social events and a lot of fun along the way.

Join Us

The information, links and latest news on this site will help you decide if Scouting is right for your child. If you’d like to know more, or you’d like to introduce your child to the adventurous world of Scouting, please contact 1st Drysdale using the contact form on this site.

We’d love to hear from you.

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