World Jamboree 2019


You will join over 40,000 Scouts from all around the world, experience different cultures, and make lots of new friends. You may be camped next to a troop that speaks a different language than you, but together you will be sharing moments of Scouting fellowship that are hard to create anywhere else.

Our host countries, Canada, Mexico, and the United States, will provide glimpses into each of their unique cultures. The 24th World Scout Jamboree is all about unlocking new friendships and understanding new cultures, all at a venue that will challenge you to do things you did not think were possible.

When do we go?

The Australian Contingent will depart on the 14th of July 2019 and will return to Australia on the 5th of August 2019. Those undertaking the optional post-tour will return on the 11th of August 2019.

What about School?

For those in New South Wales & South Australia, the first week fits into the school holidays. For all other states the trip is during the start of term 3. Whilst we know it’s not ideal missing out on school, the cultural and life skills learnt during this will help compliment your traditional in class schooling.

The World Jamboree is held on these dates due to the northern hemisphere summer holidays.

For more information, check out the WJ2019 website.

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