AJ 2022 The 26th Australian Jamboree


The Australian Jamboree 2022 is the 26th Australian Jamboree being held in January 2022, where over 12,000 Scouts will converge on Elmore Field Day site in Campaspe Shire in northern Victoria to camp for 2 glorious weeks of fun, fantastic adventure and friendship.

While a great deal of activities will be held onsite, such as Abseiling, BMX bike riding, and a High Ropes course, there will also be a range of offsite activities. These offsite activities range from taking the kids on tours of Sydney, to a visit to a Theme Park, and much, much more!

One Patrol’s journey to AJ2022

“Mutant Camels do AJ 2022” is an eight-part comedy series on the ups and downs of a Patrol preparing for AJ2022. Episode one was released on August 15. Further episodes will be released every six weeks until June 30 2020. The next episode is due on November 15. Episodes can also be downloaded here.

Annotation 2019-12-09 123352 Episode One

For more information visit the Scouts Victoria Jamboree website, Facebook site or the Australian Jamboree site.

If you’re interested in Scouting for your child, please contact 1st Drysdale using the contact form on this site.

Support Scouting, get a Scout Christmas tree!

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 3.23.48 pm

Looking for a Christmas tree?

Each year, Scout Groups raise much needed funds for programs, building maintenance, equipment repairs and purchases through the sale of Christmas trees.

If you are not from the Bellarine Peninsula area, you can buy your tree from a number of locations around Victoria, their details are listed below. More locations will be added shortly so please keep checking back for your area by click on the Scouts Christmas Tree below!



Christmas Trees


It is that time again. Christmas is only 35 days away! Wish lists may be added to the noticeboard at home (like what has happened at my place), planning for the family get together, dinner/lunch menu to organise. What about decorating the home? The masterpiece would have to be a fresh cut Christmas Tree.

We are selling FRESH CUT CHRISTMAS TREES online and at our hall again this year.  If you are a returning customer, you will know just how great our trees were! What I loved the most was walking in to our hall and the scent of the trees wafting through every room.

Pre-ordering your tree is a sure fire way of making sure that you get the size you need for your home.  Last year many people missed out on getting the rather popular 7ft trees.

Otherwise, visit our hall to select your own tree.

To pre-order a tree you can click on our Christmas Tree below to be taken to our online store.


ALL Tree deliveries will be on:

Saturday 30th Nov or Sunday 8th Dec.
select and pick up your tree from our Hall on the following days.

Friday 30th Nov – 5pm to 9pm
Saturday 1st Dec – 9am to 3pm
Sunday 2nd Dec – 10am to 2pm
Saturday 8th Dec – 9am to 3pm
Sunday 9th Dec – 10am to 2pm

There will be a limited number of trees for sale at the Hall so
we suggest you pre-order to avoid disappointment.

We also offer a tree collection service in the early new year.  Select this option if you wish for us to remove your used tree.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via our email, or Facebook.

Wishing you all the happiness for the Christmas Season.







Have you been cleaning up around your property lately?

Got some scrap metal that you need disposed?

1st Drysdale is here to help!

On the weekend of the 30th March 2019, the big bins will be at the rear of the hall waiting for your scrap metal.

We are able to accept most metal items to be recycled, including appliances. Check the list below:

What items are allowed?Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 4.43.10 pmWhat items are prohibited?

The most common items that are turned away include pressurized containers (gas bottles, propane, aerosol or extinguishers), hazardous, corrosive, explosive or radioactive items.

If you are not sure if your scrap is okay for our bins, send us an email.


‘Thank You Everyone’


A HUGE Thank you to everyone who has supported our major fundraiser for 2018 – Christmas Tree Sales.

Our Hall Sales were a huge success and our online order was just as successful as last year with plenty of return customers.

One thing we did learn this year – have more trees! Especially the taller variety, 6 foot plus, with a few 8 footers thrown in too.

Tomorrow is our last FREE DELIVERY of the year! I bet those customers (mostly 6 foot trees and taller) are keen to get decorating.

Then we prepare for the Christmas Tree Collection service on the 5th January 2019, where we go around and collect our customers’ trees for disposal.

We a blown away by the support from the public.

We are also giving a big ‘Thank You’ to all the people who have supported other Scout Groups with their Christmas Tree Fundraiser.

See you all next year.

Christmas Tree Sales 2018

Hello everyone!

Yes, I know. “IT’S JULY!” But what about those of us who celebrate Christmas in July? Those families might want a tree.

But seriously, I am here to announce that we are preparing our Hall and delivery elves for our upcoming Major Fundraiser, 2018 Christmas Tree Sale.  With the details coming in from suppliers and volunteers putting there hands up, I am looking at taking pre orders from mid October.  So keep an eye on our ordering page and Facebook for further details.

Before we know it, the jingling of bells will be heard, the wearing of elf hats will be seen along with the voices of our happy delivery elves will be introducing the festive time of year. So, put a reminder in your phone, on your calendar, or a post it note on your fridge.


Photo by Maria Tyutina on Pexels.com


1st Drysdale Scouts




World Jamboree 2019


You will join over 40,000 Scouts from all around the world, experience different cultures, and make lots of new friends. You may be camped next to a troop that speaks a different language than you, but together you will be sharing moments of Scouting fellowship that are hard to create anywhere else.

Our host countries, Canada, Mexico, and the United States, will provide glimpses into each of their unique cultures. The 24th World Scout Jamboree is all about unlocking new friendships and understanding new cultures, all at a venue that will challenge you to do things you did not think were possible.

When do we go?

The Australian Contingent will depart on the 14th of July 2019 and will return to Australia on the 5th of August 2019. Those undertaking the optional post-tour will return on the 11th of August 2019.

What about School?

For those in New South Wales & South Australia, the first week fits into the school holidays. For all other states the trip is during the start of term 3. Whilst we know it’s not ideal missing out on school, the cultural and life skills learnt during this will help compliment your traditional in class schooling.

The World Jamboree is held on these dates due to the northern hemisphere summer holidays.

For more information, check out the WJ2019 website.

Scouthike 2019


Scouthike is an annual, state-wide hiking event for around 800 scouts. It is held within a State Forest early in May each year.

On arrival, Patrol Leaders are provided with a map, a list of grid references for Activity and Sleep Point locations, and a Patrol Passport which includes their instructions. Patrols plot the Activity points and decide which route they want to take throughout the weekend. After breakfast on Saturday morning, Competition Patrols set off hiking between Activities to their designated Saturday Sleep Point. Sunday morning they head off again to finish at a central Finish Point, from where they are collected by the coaches or private transport and travel back to their original departure location. Learner Patrols are also provided for, although they are accompanied by an adult on their hike, walk with a half full pack and return to the same Sleep point on Saturday night (their tent and sleeping gear stays set-up).

Each Activity is a Patrol-based exercise provided by Leaders, Rovers and Venturers. Those which are not purely fun are based on Scout Skills, usually linked to a requirement from the Explorer Level Award Scheme. Patrols are assessed at each Activity as a team in four aspects: “Leadership”, “Planning”, “Attitude and Enthusiasm” and “Overall Achievement”. The total of their weekend scores determine if they are Gold, Silver, Bronze or Competition standard. Competitive Patrols earning Gold Standard, are “Co-holders” of the Annual Scouthike Trophy, learner patrols all receive a Competition pennant.


Stradbroke Cup 2019

A Scout section camping event run over the Easter weekend at several venues around Victoria.

The Stradbroke Cup is a camping assessment with the highest achievers becoming co-holders of the Cup. However, there is an extensive program of activities available at all venues. Most Stradbroke Cup venues will allow Troops to arrive from Thursday evening. This is a perfect way for Scouts to satisfy the “four nights under canvas continuously” requirement for a Jamboree or extended camp. The whole event is an opportunity for Scout Troops and Patrols to have an enjoyable camping experience and experience the fellowship of a large combined camp.

Check out Stradbroke Cup 2019.


aj2019-shadowThe time has finally arrived for the Scouts to prepare for the next big adventure at the Australian Jamboree 2019.  Keep an eye on the count down (located in our side banner) as the Scouts will need to make sure they have everything ready to go!

Scouts have been sent notices and emailed additional information on how to register for AJ2019. Most Scouts have been busy with fundraising for the event, along with checking their qualifications, badgework and equipment. Last thing they need is faulty equipment to cause an issue when they will be so far away from home.

For more information, click on on the AJ2019 logo. There you will find out more about the event, how to register along with a promotional video.

Hope to see you at AJ2019!